Recap of 2015

Every year I write a recap reflecting the past year.

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This year was a very special year for my family. We welcomed our son, Jacob into the world. Sarah turned 4 and learned how to share her parents. I got a job and hubby was busier then ever.

Here are some of my favorite highlights.


We started the year off with some fun in the snow.IMG_4568


My friends hosted a absolutely lovely sprinkle for me and little K.IMG_1318 - group w:paci

I posted my favorite cookie recipe, Oreo Pudding Cookies.IMG_5283

We attended a fun Super Bowl party at our friends house.IMG_5143


Sarah celebrated her 4th birthday with a Frozen party.IMG_1393

I had maternity pictures taken by my good friend, Erin.DSC04043 - fav

We celebrated Purim, Native American style.IMG_5767

I posted a few of my favorite recipes on Meal Planning Monday.


Our son, Jacob, was born. Being a mom to these two kiddos makes me so happy! 1425377_10155595541540571_7803492803208169319_oI shared my favorite pasta and meatballs recipe.


We had newborn pictures taken of Jacob.IMG_7015

I celebrated Mother’s Day as a mommy of two!IMG_7063 - kids

We celebrated Memorial Day with friends at the park.IMG_7353 - group


Sarah completed her 1st year of preschool.IMG_7693 - ms nicole book note

We shared our Summer To Do list.IMG_7314

We celebrated Father’s Day with this guy.IMG_7883


We celebrated 4th of July at a friends pool party.IMG_8232

My sister, Oshrat, came for a visit.IMG_7575

My grandma, the matriarch of our family, passed away.IMG_8918


I celebrated World Breastfeeding Month proudly as I was finally able to nurse my child.

I posted a yummy recipe, Spaghetti with Chickpeas.IMG_9022

I joined my mommy group for a weekend in Vegas!IMG_9790


We went to a super hot, but fun Dodger’s Game.IMG_0392 - family

We said goodbye to my 4.5 years old pacifier.IMG_0121

Jacob and I started our first mommy and me class.IMG_9371

Sarah started her 2nd year of preschool.IMG_9320

We participated in Alex’s Lemonade Stand.FullSizeRender-600x642


We celebrated 4 Jewish Holidays in only a few weeks.IMG_0702-kids-in-sukkah-600x450

We celebrated Halloween with friends.IMG_1852

Jacob turned 6 months old.

I shared a yummy Applesauce Muffins recipe.IMG_0881


My mommy group hosted a Friendsgiving dinner.IMG_0145 - moms

I hosted our annual Scarf Exchange.IMG_2288

We celebrated Thanksgiving at a restaurant. It didn’t go so well.IMG_2510


I celebrated my 34th birthday with a bunch of my friends in LA.12341238_10207101774096673_2500756329650594217_n

We celebrated the miracle of lights, Chanukah.IMG_0774

We went on a cruise with just Sarah and got super sick.IMG_0999 - fav

Thank you to all who have taken the time to read my blog this year!
Wishing you an adventurous 2016!

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