Super Bowl {2014}

Last night Sarah and I (hubby was under the weather) attended a Family Super Bowl Potluck Party at a friends house.

I don’t know much about football, but I love hanging out with friends and eating. So I’m always up for a Super Bowl party (or any party). super-bowl_0I made my favorite potluck dish, Chinese Chicken Salad to share. Recipe can be found here.

Mama Chit Chat: Chinese Chicken SaladEveryone brought delicious food to share. The taco/nacho bar was my favorite!10245291_10206285227116749_2564683597480006200_nFor dessert a friend made chocolate covered strawberries with laces. How cute!?IMG_5144We also had a celebratory cake that we ate at half time ;)IMG_5143Like most people I really look forward to the commercials. Most of the commercials were sad and emotional, but that might just be my hormones. super-bowlMy sister is a big Patriots fan.  I decided to support her and cheer for them. Luckily they won in a super close game.Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 8.53.44 PMI love seeing our kids play together! They spent most of the time outside riding bikes, playing with rocks and picking all the lemons off the tree (umm yup!).IMG_5149.JPG603734_10206285227356755_6344587455194434956_nWe left in the beginning of the 4th quarter not because I was tired, but because Sarah decided to shit in her underwear!! No words.

Do you watch the Super Bowl? What was your favorite commercial?

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