First Day of School {2015}

It’s been 2 weeks since Sarah started school.

The first few weeks of school are crazy around here. Between trying to get back into the routine of things and new germs things were a bit slow.
This year, Sarah is in her 2nd year of preschool and Jacob is in a baby and me class.   IMG_9320
Just like I did previously, I bought her a sign to capture the special day. Sign can be purchased here.sign - low res
I love hearing what she wants to be when she grows up!
Since her backpack and lunch box were still in good condition we reused what we bought her last year. IMG_0096After pick up Sarah saw I had put Jacob in the school onesie we received at open house. She then asked if I would take a picture of her and her with her brother. Ummm… ya!IMG_9333 - no schoolUnfortunately no one wanted to look at me for the picture.
The following week we went to the Welcome Back Picnic. IMG_9468 IMG_9475It was a great evening! The kids enjoyed the reptile show while the parents got to catch up.IMG_1153
Today was Jacob’s first day at baby and me.Image(4)This class is during his nap time so it should be an interesting semester. His first class was spent eating his hand and smiling. He obviously wont remember this class, but it’s nice doing something that is just for him and me.
Looking forward to another fun year of school. This time it will be with both kiddos!
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