Dodgers Game

When Sarah was 6 months old, we took her to her first Dodgers game.IMG_1759 - familyNow that Jacob is almost 6 months old we decided he was ready for his first Dodgers game.IMG_0392 All decked out in our Dodgers blue, we entered the park.   IMG_0397IMG_0402It was a super hot day! Luckily hubby got us seats in the shade.IMG_0408Jacob loved the experience! He was in awe of everything that was going on.IMG_0407IMG_0409The kids did great considering the crazy heat. We kept cool with iced lemonade and ice cream throughout the game.IMG_0399     After we ate, played and napped (couple of times) we decided we NEEDED air condition and made our way out after the 7th inning stretch.IMG_0423IMG_0394

Here are some fun comparison pictures of the kids.IMG_0438IMG_0439IMG_0440We had a fun family day! Go Blue!

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