Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Did you know September is Child Cancer Awareness month?

Unfortunately it is.

Every day 250 kids around the world die from cancer.

91,250 loose their life to the disease every year.

Every year an estimated 263,000 new cases of cancer affect children under the age of 20 worldwide.

That’s 720 new kids affected every day!

Despite these facts, childhood cancer research is vastly and consistently underfunded.

While looking through my Instagram account one night I came across Bitsy’s Brainfood post (check out their yummy cookies here). They suggested we get our kids involved by hosting a lemonade stand, just like Alex did (read more about Alex here).

I immediately contacted the company and signed up.

After we received our kit I explained it to my 4 year old daughter, Sarah. She responded by asking me if the money will make them feel better. Bless her little heart. I held her tight and teared up.

The next day we set up our stand.Sarah's Lemonade StandWe plan to “sell” lemonade all month long.

Even though Sarah’s lemonade stand wont make a big difference for cancer research, I think the act of giving is a valuable lesson.

Thank you Bitsy’s Brainfood and Alex’s Lemonade Stand for making this event possible. I hope with more people involved we can fine a cure for this horrible disease.  Bitsy's BrainfoodAlex's Lemonade Stand   Want to host your own lemonade stand? Contact me for details at sharon {at}

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