Construction Birthday Party

This year my little man said he wanted a construction themed birthday party. So this mama got to work! See all the party details below.

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Last year we had to cancel Sarah’s birthday party due to #Covid. This year even though we aren’t completely out of the Covid tiers we still wanted to celebrate the birthday girl. We threw her a little #HarryPotter backyard snack party.

Cars Birthday Party

After celebrating Jacob’s 3rd birthday at home, we continued the celebration a few weeks later with a special hair cutting ceremony!

Dr. Suess’ Birthday {2019}

I love celebrating little events and getting crafty with the kids. So when Dr. Seuss’ birthday showed up on my calendar I started planning his birthday party. To celebrate his birthday we threw a “Green Eggs and Ham” themed breakfast. Since we keep kosher and don’t eat ham I found […]

Halloween Playdate {2018}

Every year Sarah invites a handful of friends over for a Halloween Costume Playdate. This year she invited a few classmates from school. We made an invite and created a menu. Unfortunately I was in party mode and only remembered to take a few pictures of the party food. We […]

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