My grandma or as I call her in Hebrew, safta passed away last Wednesday.

She’s been in a wheelchair for the past 7 years. It started with diabetes and then led to other problems.

However I don’t remember her that way.

She was a great safta. Always there to help. If my parents said no to something I wanted, I’d walk 2 house down and beg my safta to convince them. She made the yummiest food. She loved to sing and wear bright lipstick.

I was her first grandchild to get married. So before I walked down the aisle she handed me her beautiful diamond ring.

I also was the first grandchild to give her both a girl and boy great grandchildren. She never got to meet to my son, but thanks to FaceTime she got to see him.

She was in pain for a while. She was suffering, but we didn’t know how to help.

She had not eaten for 3 days. My grandpa got worried and took her to the hospital.

After some tests we found out that her kidney were only at 13%. She was admitted to hospice. I FaceTime with her several times. Each time got harder and harder to see her.

A week later, while holding her husbands hand she passed away.

Less then 24 hours later, I packed my bags and flew out with my 3.5 month old to Florida to attend her funeral.

Hundreds of people showed up.

I knew my safta was awesome, but it was eye opening to see how many people loved her as well.

My dad got up to speak.

I’ve never seen him cry so much.

It was such a hard day for my family.

Our matriarch was laying in a box.

A surreal moment for me.

She was no longer in pain. She was now with G-d.

I cried a lot that morning. I still catch myself crying randomly as I look at something that reminds me of her.

My family and I spent the next 4 days in my safta and sabas (grandpa in Hebrew) house while family and friends came to say their condolences. 

It was weird being in her home with out her.

It’s also weird to think she’s gone.

I’m told it’s important to remember the good times we had with her so I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures of her.  IMG_8931IMG_8918IMG_8917 IMG_8938FamFriendPro62IMG_1974IMG_1976IMG_2166 - saftaIMG_2002IMG_2004  IMG_1748   IMG_0280  IMG_0279 - saftaIMG_3286

11/18/1937 – 7/29/2015

We are only separated by the time we have left on earth. See you soon safta!

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