Thanksgiving {2015}

We started the morning with cinnamon rolls and coffee. IMG_2471 How cute is this mini Starbucks mug with the gold hearts? Now Sarah can join me for a cup of “coffee” in the mornings.

After breakfast we turned on the parade. IMG_2474Jacob loved listening to the music! 

Sarah brought home some wonderful art this week. My favorite is the turkey hand. IMG_2406It captures the size of her little hands and her artistic eye. Can you spot the feathers?

Before nap time I took a picture of my little turkey. IMG_2518

And for fun, here is Sarah at her first Thanksgiving. IMG_0002After naps we headed to the movies. We saw hubby’s childhood favorite, Peanuts.IMG_2488

Both kiddos did really well during the movie. We stayed a couple minutes after the movie for a little dance party. IMG_2477 IMG_2480  As soon as we walked out Sarah started crying. She was mad that the movie was over. It was such an awkward moment that I had to capture it so that I can show it to her later when she was calm. IMG_2489We went home and prepped for dinner. Just like last year we decided it was best to go to a restaurant. This time the restaurant we chose did not disappoint. However the kids weren’t the biggest fans. Sarah didn’t like the food, she cried a lot and towards the end she slipped and fell. Jacob wouldn’t sit in the highchair nor hang out in the carrier. Before heading out we asked to the waiter to take a picture of us. I feel like this picture describes the night perfectly.IMG_2506Finally after a bottle and some snuggles, Jacob fell asleep in my arms.  IMG_2508Although the night was not perfect we are thankful and grateful for one another.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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