Jacob is 6 months old

Jacob is 6 months old!IMG_0804 - favHere are Jacob’s 6 months stats:

Weight: 16 lbs (37%)

Height: 28 inches (97%)

Clothing Size: 3-6 months

Diaper Size: size 3

Food: Nursing, formula and solids. I’m making homemade purees for Jacob just like I did when Sarah was a baby. IMG_0494IMG_0495

Sleeping:  Jacob naps 3 times a day for 1 -2 hours. He wakes up twice a night to eat. He still loves napping in the carrier when we are on the go.IMG_0152Milestones: 1) We started seating him in his highchair.IMG_01942) It’s been so hot that I’ve been giving him frozen fruit to chew on.IMG_0531

3) Jacob is teething really bad! His hands and anything he can get his hands are on are always in his mouth. He’s also had a runny nose in the process. I feel so bad for my little man. Teething sucks!

Likes: Hanging out with his sister. He loves watching her play with her toys.IMG_0094 Dislikes: Tummy time. He rolls over as you soon as you put him on his tummy or he goes into superman mode.

Places we’ve seen/things we’ve done: We took Jacob to his first Los Angeles Dodger’s game. Read more about it here.IMG_0409Holidays: We’ve celebrated a lot of holidays this month. Read more about it hereIMG_0212 - fav

My favorite pictures of Jacob this month.IMG_0056IMG_0145IMG_0259IMG_0725IMG_0585 And because I love comparison pictures, here are Sarah and Jacob at 6 months old.ImageSee past months here:

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Jacob is 4 months old

Jacob is 3 months old

Jacob is 2 months old

Jacob is 1 month old

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