Jacob is 8 Months Old

Jacob is 8 months old!IMG_0773 - fav IMG_0763

Here are Jacob’s 8 months stats:

Weight: didn’t get weighed this month

Height: didn’t get measured this month

Clothing Size: 6-9 months

Diaper Size: size 3

Food: Formula and solids. He’s still not a fan of purees. He is, however, really interested in anything and everything we eat so we’ve been giving him small pieces of our food.

Sleeping:  Jacob naps 3 times a day for 1 -2 hours. He’s also sleeping through the night.

Milestones: First cold :( He’s teething really bad. I suspect his first tooth to pop out any day.

Likes: His toy toucan.

Dislikes: Hanging out on his belly. Here is a video of my attempt to get him to crawl.Attempt to crawlPlaces we’ve seen/things we’ve done: Friendsgiving and lot’s of play dates with friends during the holiday break.IMG_0091 - sharonIMG_2080 - eiljah playdateIMG_2338

Holidays: Thanksgiving (read more about it here).


Some of my favorite pictures of Jacob this month.IMG_0237  IMG_2138 IMG_2163 IMG_2191 IMG_2198IMG_2279 IMG_2389 IMG_2451

And because I love comparison pictures, here is Sarah at 8 months old (see her stats here).IMG_0066

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