Cruise {2015}

A couple weeks ago we decided it would be fun to take the kids on a cruise during their holiday break. After talking about it some more we realized taking an 8 and 1/2 month old on a cruise would be a lot of work. Thankfully my mother-in-law said she would watch him.

So off we went on a 4 day 3 night cruise to Mexico on the Carnival Imagination.

IMG_3367 IMG_3368

Unfortunately, the day before we left on our vacation, I got the stomach bug. Later that night hubby got it too. Beyond exhausted we somehow made it on to the ship the next day hoping our 24 hour bug was behind us.

Day 1 -Long Beach, CA

We spent the day exploring the ship, hung out in our room and ate a late lunch. IMG_3370IMG_3393IMG_0989 IMG_3390 IMG_3383IMG_3388We hung out some more, did some activities and then made our way to dinner. IMG_0995 - fav IMG_0999 - favIMG_1000 - fav IMG_1003Not even half way through dinner I felt ill and had to go to our room.

Day 2 – Ensenada, Mexico

After a 13 hour slumber I felt better and ready for day 2.

We started every morning with room service. Sarah loved having breakfast in bed!IMG_1011

We got dressed and played on the deck.IMG_3420  IMG_1016 IMG_1019 IMG_1030 IMG_1033After the rush in the morning to get off the boat we made our way to Mexico.IMG_3428We decided not to book an excursion should we feel ill and have to come back to the boat. Instead we bought some Mexican snacks at a local store and sat at a Starbucks so that we can check in with our families. IMG_1039IMG_1041 IMG_1044 IMG_3434We got back onto the boat and dropped Sarah off at camp. Hubby and I walked around for a bit and then played a round of miniature golf. IMG_3442 IMG_3443We picked up Sarah and walked over to the children’s holiday show.IMG_3449Sarah was smitten with the dancers. IMG_3451Next up was the Let It Snow event. IMG_3454It was lame!

Sarah’s favorite part of the ship was the glass elevators and all the decorations.IMG_1051 IMG_1059We got all dressed up for the formal night and headed to dinner.IMG_1067 - fancy nightI didn’t last long and went to bed shortly after.

This little guy was waiting for us in our room.IMG_1069

Day 3 – Sea Day

The next morning we had plans to attend the towel making class but Sarah was not feeling well. We spent our day taking it easy. We watched a towel animal show, played bingo, and took a salsa dance lesson.IMG_3462

IMG_3466 IMG_3467 IMG_3468Miss Sarah really wasn’t feeling well. The boat was super rocky and most of the passengers were getting sick. She fell asleep on one of the couches. If you know Sarah you know she does not just fall asleep anywhere. My poor baby!IMG_3470We hung out in the room and watched some movies.

Turns out the movie I was watching, The Blind Side had the co star on our boat. IMG_3532After a nap we walked around Lido deck and got some drinks and watched the Dr. Suess parade.IMG_3476IMG_3484Sarah was feeling better and had been begging us to go swimming. Unfortunately we ran out of time and this was the only time left before we had to leave.  IMG_1073 IMG_1083She had a blast! 

Hubby started to really feel sick so Sarah I went to dinner just us two.IMG_3505The staff on the boast was so sweet! Anytime they could they were making Sarah smile. This time they made her a swan with her dinner napkin.

After dinner we walked over to the final show of cruise.IMG_3513Sarah was once again really excited about the dancers. IMG_3516Even though we had the stomach bug and/or sea sick we manged to have a good time.

I think Sarah will remember this trip for a lifetime. After all when can you just take only one of your kids on a mommy daddy trip?

Fun Fact: Hubby and I took this same cruise before getting pregnant with Sarah.IMG_6278 - fav

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