Jacob’s Bris

There are a couple of Jewish traditions we take part in after having a baby boy. First, we wait 8 days to circumcise our son in a ceremony called a Bris (or Brit Milah in Hebrew). Second, we wait until the circumcision to announce his name.

Unfortunately our little man had lost more then 10% of his birth weight and had jaundice so his circumcision was held off for about two weeks.

Once he was cleared by the doctor we confirmed with the mohel (the rabbi who conducts the ceremony), sent out the invites and ordered the food.

Here is a look into the ceremony.IMG_1392 - food IMG_1393 IMG_1400 - daddy & jIMG_1442 - sharon & j IMG_1432 IMG_1436 - 3 of usIMG_1439 IMG_1448 - sharon & GIMG_1415 - jan, steve, douglasIMG_1572 - jan, steve, douglas & sharon IMG_1493 IMG_1513 IMG_1516 IMG_1531 IMG_1537IMG_1555IMG_1561IMG_1562     Picking our sons name.

We decided to name our daughter, Sarah, after the 4 matriarchs and we thought it was only fitting to name our son after the 3 patriarchs. We named our son, Jacob Avi.

His middle name, Avi is short for Avraham. Avraham is also a patriarch. The name Avraham was given to him in memory of my mom’s dad who passed away in 2008. He was such a kind and generous soul. He always made my summer visits to Israel lot’s of fun. So when thinking of a middle name hubby said, “Why don’t we name him after your grandpa?” I got super emotional (thanks hormones) and said yes.

To make his middle name his own, we decided to shorten it to Avi.

IMG_1461 - with sarah

Despite the few moments while he was being circumcised, it was a really great morning! Sharing our special day with our family, friends and community members was just amazing. Thank you for all the love and the positive energy!! But most of all thank you for attending our sons special milestone. It means a lot to us!

Lot’s of thanks to my sister for taking our pictures and for flying in for the special event.

I’d also like to thank our awesome mohel! He was super friendly, knowledgeable and best of all quick. If you live in Southern California and are looking for a professional to circumcise your son please look him up here. Thanks again, Meir for all the extra care!

You can read more about the circumcision ceremony here.


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Michal ema benson

Sorry that i could not be there. Love all the picture and I am happy that Germaine was there for you. Love the name and thank you for honoring my father. Love you and miss you all.

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