My Baby Sprinkle

After a difficult week I was really looking forward to attending my Baby Sprinkle.

Never heard of a baby sprinkle? Instead of “showering” the mom with gifts, as in a baby shower, you “sprinkle” her with just a few necessities.

Ironically enough, it actually showered the day of my sprinkle.

Three of my close friends organized the sprinkle. Walking into my friend, Liza’s home I was overwhelmed with happy thoughts. From the decor to the food everything was just perfect! These girls sure know how to throw a sprinkle!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know how much I love all the details! Thanks to my super awesome hosts there were many amazing details (that were actually photographed) throughout the room.IMG_1263IMG_1265IMG_1272IMG_1273IMG_1275IMG_1276  IMG_1286 IMG_1383My favorite part has to be the book everyone signed! IMG_1277At my first shower, each guest was asked to bring a book in lieu of a card. To this day, hubby and I read these books to Sarah before nap and bed time that my guests brought. Looking forward to reading this signed book to baby many many times the year!

My friend made the cutest customized favors!IMG_1279The food was potluck style (my fav!) and everyone brought something that was vegetarian so that I didn’t have any restrictions. IMG_1281IMG_1268Another fun detail of the day was the photo booth! I love photo booths and props!picstitch(3)picstitch(4)My fabulous hosts!picstitch(1)My fellow preggo mamas!picstitch(2)So much fun!

Not to long ago I attended my friend, Lucy’s sprinkle (we are due 3 months apart). I invited her to my sprinkle knowing she might not make it. After all she just had a baby! However my brave and sweet friend brought her 3 week old baby Emmet to my sprinkle. So I had to post our before and after picture.picstitchThank you to all of my friends for sprinkling me with love!

IMG_1315 - group w:liza IMG_1307 - group w:erinA special thank you to my fabulous hosts for making my day so special! I love you girls more then you know!IMG_1381 - the hostsI am so blessed to have such amazing and loving friends!!

Only 9 more weeks until we meet baby!

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