Babyccino {2015}

Over the summer, Jacob and I attended his first mommy and me class called, Babyccino. IMG_9372

The class was located at the synagogue and coordinated by my good friend, Chana.

Since I’m always dragging him around to Sarah’s play dates, events, classes, etc it was SO nice to do something just for him with just us two.

We played, danced, tickled, and sang songs in class.IMG_8392IMG_8391IMG_8728IMG_9371IMG_9374IMG_8726IMG_9629We also did a lot of fun Jewish activities! We put tzedkah in the tzedkah box, danced with the torah and sang shema. IMG_8390IMG_8389IMG_9220IMG_853411951952_1171085186240020_4106063521959352068_n

Sarah got to join us for a class one day.IMG_9003 It was so fun and cute! I’m so glad Sarah was at camp so Jacob and I could do something just us two. Thank you Chana for the great program (and for the cute keepsake)! IMG_9614Interested in attending a Jewish mommy and me class? Check out Babyccino for a class in your area.

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