Goodbye Pacifier

After we took away my 4 months old pacifier it was time to take away my 4 and half years old pacifier too. However she was not ready. Since she understands her actions I left it up to her to tell me when she was ready.

Well after a week of Jacob eyeing Sarah’s pacifier I knew hubby and I had to do something.

Hubby and I decided that on the morning of her dentist appointment we would urge the dentist to tell her she no longer needed it. Get this, the dentist thought it was OKAY to have her continue to use it for nap and bed time!!

After the dentist appointment Sarah came home to her first gift.IMG_0454She’s been wanting this doll for a while so I thought it was a perfect gift for such a big change.

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

She talked about it and pouted most of the day.

Hubby had to work late so I decided to take her to get her 2nd gift.IMG_0119 IMG_0121 IMG_0123 IMG_0126She had so much fun making her Elsa bear!

Afterwards we walked over to the restaurant for her celebratory meal.IMG_0127With gifts and a full tummy we were ready to move on.

Unfortunately she spoke about it ALL DAY, EVERYDAY for a week straight! She also didn’t nap that week. It seems that the pacifier, even at the age of 4 and half, was the key to soothing her to sleep.

Now that’s it been 2 weeks we are no longer talking about it AND naps are happening (every other day though)!

I think if we left it up to her she would have it until middle school ;)

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