On This Day

I really enjoy looking back at “On This Day” in my Facebook app. However it doesn’t show a full day. So I picked a random day in May on the calendar and set a reminder. And then I forgot to blog about it. So let’s pretend it’s May. Welcome to […]

Garden {2017}

After growing our own fruits and vegetables last year we knew we wanted to do it again. We headed to the nursery for our plants.This year we had a better game plan so we were in and out within a few minutes. We stopped by these awesome looking egg shaped […]

Disneyland {2017}

On Sarah’s birthday last year she asked us to go to Disneyland for her birthday. So this year on her 6th birthday we went to Anaheim for a little 3 day vacation. Had this little sticker made here. Day 1 – Hotel Our family moves a bit slow in the […]

Jacob is 2

My little man is 2 years old! Jacob is super cuddly, loves to snuggle in bed, gives the best hugs, is a great eater, sleeps anywhere, loves his mama BIG time and says the sweetest I luh you (I love you) I have ever heard. Jacob’s 2 year old stats: […]

Sarah is 6!

Sarah is 6 years old!   Sarah is messy, spirited, silly and could live outside in a sleeping bag if we would let her. She loves bugs and playing in the mud. She prefers her hair loose and dresses her self on school days. She is a complete mess, but she’s […]

Sarah is 5!

Sarah turns 5! Her birthday started with our traditional doughnut and candle in bed.Then I took her to the Mall for some one on one time with my girly. A few months prior we heard that if you come to the Disney store on your birthday you get a pin […]

Scariest Moment

It has been 48 hours since I experienced the scariest moment of my life. I was in Michaels getting a few last minute things for the birthday girl. Jacob wanted a snack, but it was close to lunch time so I said no. We left the store, put our bags […]

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