Jacob is 7 months old

Jacob is 7 months old!

IMG_2029 - fav

Jacob’s 7 months stats:

Weight: didn’t get this month

Height: didn’t get this month

Clothing Size: 3-6/6-9 months

Diaper Size: size 3

Food: Formula and solids. I made homemade purees for Jacob just like I did when Sarah was a baby. Unfortunately he’s not interested in eating it :( He takes a few bites and then wants out of the highchair. He does like baby oatmeal. IMG_1074IMG_1075IMG_1505

Sleeping:  Jacob naps 3 times a day for 1 -2 hours. He’s also sleeping through the night. Thank you g-d!!!IMG_1039

Milestones: Jacob can now sit on his own! He’s also tested out a restaurant highchair and a shopping cart at the grocery store.  IMG_1069IMG_1031IMG_1329

Thank you Costco for making a two seater!

Likes: Jacob LOVES jumping in the jumperoo, watching his sister play and playing with his feet.IMG_1610IMG_1803Dislikes: He’s a pretty chill baby. He only gets upset when he has to wait for a bottle. He wants his food waiting and ready as soon as he wakes up!

Places we’ve seen/things we’ve done: We went to several Pumpkin Patches, Halloween parties the watched the Dodgers play in the World Series! Jacob liked watching the games.IMG_1659 - fav IMG_1143Holidays: Halloween (read more about it here). IMG_0626 - favMy favorite pictures of Jacob this month.IMG_1379IMG_1391IMG_1731 IMG_1733IMG_1862Sarah loves “dressing” him up. IMG_1546IMG_1571  IMG_1895IMG_1908 IMG_1958

And because I love comparison pictures, here is Sarah at 7 months old (see Sarah’s stats here). IMG_2587

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