Jacob is 3 months old

Jacob is 3 months old!

I don’t scrapbook or print pictures so just like I blogged about Sarah’s monthaversaries I plan to do the same here for Jacob. Plus baby books are so last season ;)IMG_8349 IMG_8336 IMG_8352

Here are Jacob’s 3 months stats:

Weight: Didn’t get checked this month

Height: Didn’t get checked this month

Clothing Size: 0-3 months

Diaper Size: size 2

Food: He’s still nursing every 2 hours!! Ah!!!

Sleeping: Jacob takes all his naps in his crib!! We only use the Rock N Play in our room after he wakes up from his first stretch of the night. We even brought the Rock N Play to my friend’s house one evening. IMG_8197

Milestones: He started to chew on his hands. IMG_7888He started to “talk” and turn clockwise on hit mat.

Likes: Playing in his jungle gym with his sister and being worn.IMG_7982IMG_8204IMG_8207

I love it when he falls asleep on me :)

Dislikes: When he swaddled and can’t get to his pacifier.

Places we’ve seen/things we’ve done:

My middle sister came to visit, IMG_7567we went blueberry picking,IMG_7578and we went to the Greek Festival. IMG_8045We celebrated Father’s Day, my grandpa’s memorial (Jacob’s namesake) and 4th of July.

Random pictures of Jacob.


IMG_7932IMG_8004 - favAnd because I love comparison pictures, here is Sarah and Jacob at 3 months old.ImageApparently Sarah was too tired for pictures that day.

See you next month!

See past months here:

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