Jacob is 4 months old

Jacob is 4 months old!

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Here are Jacob’s 4 months stats:

Weight: 13.1 lbs

Height: 24 inches

Clothing Size: 3-6 months

Diaper Size: size 3

Food: Exclusively breastfeeding. 4 months

I have a love hate relationship with nursing. For one I’ve had mastitis TWICE this month! This is me with both kids at doc after getting the all clear. Pheww, that was a brutal month!IMG_8711 - mastitis

I also celebrated World Breastfeeding Month. Click here to read about my journey.

Sleeping: Jacob naps and sleeps in his crib. Night time feedings have gotten wayyy better. He now wakes up 3-4 a night. 

Milestones: 1) He has the cutest giggle! I can sit and make him giggle for hours.

2) He holds his head up.

3) My little man is teething big time! He has his hands in mouth constantly. Hubby and I give him gum massages often.

4) We given up the pacifier! It was causing more stress and tears then helping. So we got rid of it one weekend. Instead he’s found his thumb! Yikes!

5) He’s no longer swaddled but instead sleeps in a sack.

6) Jacob went to the movie theater for the first time. Shorty after the movie started he fell asleep. :)IMG_8523

7) Jacob sat in the swing for the first time. Sarah was so excited!IMG_8548 - first time on the swingIMG_8538IMG_8544 Likes: Sticking his tongue out.IMG_9026IMG_8768IMG_8977

Dislikes: Sitting in the bumbo for too long. He doesn’t seem comfortable. But Sarah loves it. This way she feels like he’s playing with her.IMG_9020Places we’ve seen/things we’ve done: We went out for pancakes and saw the Minions movie. IMG_8679IMG_8688

Jacob went on the airplane AND saw Florida for the first time! Unfortunately it was to attend my grandma’s funeral. IMG_8885

My favorite pictures of Jacob this month.IMG_8381IMG_8485My favorite Target partner.Image(1)IMG_8655IMG_8770

Wearing daddy’s baby onesie!IMG_8834IMG_9017   And because I love comparison pictures, here is Sarah and Jacob at 4 months old.Image(2)

See you next month!

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