Jacob is 2 months old

Jacob is 2 months old!

I don’t scrapbook or print pictures so just like I blogged about Sarah’s monthaversaries I plan to do the same here for Jacob. Plus baby books are so last season ;)IMG_7558 - 2 months oldSarah wanted join this months monthaversay picture.IMG_7563

Here are Jacob’s 2 months stats:

Weight: 9 lbs 6 oz

Height: 22 in

Clothing Size: newborn/0-3

Who said boy clothes can’t be fun? I went from bows to bow ties! I’m absolutely obsessed with boy clothes!IMG_7049Diaper Size: size 1

Food: I’m successfully able to nurse this time around. Read about my difficult experience with Sarah here.

Likes: Looking at windows and ceiling fans.

Dislikes: Vibrating chairs

Milestones: I’ve been putting Jacob in his crib for naps. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Hoping to transition him full time to the crib in the coming months!IMG_7115 - 1st time in cribWe introduced the activity gym this month. At first I think it was stimulation overload,IMG_7233but now he likes to look around and even bats some of the toys. Sarah likes to lay or sit beside him.IMG_7389

Places we’ve seen, things we’ve done:

Play date at Liza and Sammy’s house, while our girls were in preschool.IMG_6990Daddy snuggles!IMG_7157

Check out this super cute burp cloth set my friend made for Jacob! I have such talented friends!!IMG_7245I took Jacob to the retirement home for his first act of kindness. Unfortunately he slept in the wrap the entire time.IMG_7256 - sunshine club

We took Jacob to the pool for the first time! Check out what we packed in my pool bag here.IMG_7396He hung out in his pod most of the time.  IMG_7410

Blurry but this might be his first real smile on camera :)IMG_7447Jacob is all eyes!IMG_7497

Big sister, Sarah watches him while he does his baby push ups tummy time. IMG_7523

He’s getting so strong!IMG_7531Our family adventure this month was the Israel Festival.IMG_7224

We celebrated Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Shavout and my mother-in-law’s birthday.IMG_7063 - kids IMG_7508And because I love comparison pictures, here are Sarah and Jacob at 2 months old.11146613_10155691906950571_6429612007994166758_oSee you next month!IMG_7544

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