Jacob is 1 month old

My baby boy is 1 month old!IMG_6959

I don’t scrapbook or print pictures so just like I blogged about Sarah’s monthaversaries on here I plan to do the same for Jacob. Plus baby books are so last season ;)

Here are Jacob’s 1 month stats:

Weight: 6 lbs 7 oz

Height: 19 in

Clothing Size: preemie/newborn

Diaper Size: newborn

Food: I’m successfully able to nurse this time around. Read about my difficult experience with Sarah here.

Likes: Nursing (a lot!) and sleeping.

Dislikes: Getting in the car seat.

Milestones: Smiling and opening his eyes for short periods of time.

Places we’ve seen, things we’ve done:

1st stroll around the neighborhood. IMG_6530 - 1st stroller ride with mommyIMG_6535

Fun day at the farm picking strawberries with my sister.IMG_6641 - all of us IMG_66131st Shabbat dinner and 1st time daddy got to say the blessing over his son.IMG_6534 - 1st shabbatOut for brunch with my mama while she visits.IMG_6575 - brunch w:safta1st family dinner at Buca’s.IMG_6581 - buca1st time reading bed time stories to both kids.IMG_6687 - 1st snuggles in sarah's bed1st ride in the double stroller. Thanks Aline!!IMG_6727 - 1st time in the doubleAt Sarah’s 4 year check up. IMG_6724

Taking newborn pics. To see more click here. IMG_6793 - newborn pics1st play date with girlfriend Flora.  IMG_6878 - 1st playdate1st time at the pool. IMG_68231st time FaceTime session with his cousin (born two weeks apart).IMG_6892 - facetime with cousin Shumel1st attempt at tummy time. IMG_6937 - 1st tummy time

1st family outing, Dog Fair.IMG_6776

And because I love comparison pictures here is Sarah and Jacob at 1 month old.


 So far I’ve noticed their heads are shaped differently and Jacob seems to be darker then Sarah.

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