Jacob is 12 months old

Jacob is 1 year old! IMG_6210 - fav

Here are Jacob’s 1 year old stats:

Weight: 18 lbs (15%)

Height: 30 inches (54%)

Clothing Size: 9-12 months

Diaper Size: size 4

Food: Whole milk 4x a day. He also east 3 meals a day. We got SO lucky, he will eat anything and everything we give him. Including one of our favorites, Indian. IMG_1891

Sleeping:  Jacob naps 2x a day.

Milestones: He started to cruise (walk along while holding on to things). He loves cruising along the couch. When he reaches the end of the couch he turns around and gives me the biggest smile. Love seeing him so proud of himself! Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.38.23 PM

He also LOVES to walk while holding your hands. My aunt, Aline took this video of us.IMG_6437Likes: Playing peek-a-boo, singing itsy bitsy spider, being outside, taking walks in his Radio Flyer and playing with his sister, Sarah.  IMG_5044IMG_5362

Dislikes: Crawling for too long. He gets tried/cranky and starts yelling for us to get him.

Places we’ve seen/things we’ve done: We took a family trip to San Diego.IMG_6020It was hectic yet not horrible. Looking forward to when Jacob gets a little older so that we could more fun family trips like this.

We celebrated Jacob’s 1st Birthday with a Superhero party, sushi dinner, at school and at home with the family.IMG_1637Without any hesitations, he went right for his cake!IMG_6406IMG_1698IMG_1851IMG_6137IMG_6157 - fav

Holidays: We celebrated Purim! Jacob didn’t make it to the celebration at synagogue (read more about it here) but we did celebrate the holiday at his Babychino class. Sarah wore her Elsa costume and Jacob wore a Batman t shirt.

I don’t normally take pictures in this class since one of the program assistants take pics through out the class. I am so excited she was able to capture this AMAZING picture of Sarah (she came for this special celebration) and Jacob. In this special moment you cover your eyes while saying the Jewish prayer, Shema. The best part, I didn’t ask her to do this. All by herself, she chose to cover his eyes. I am so so proud of her!!! shemaMy favorite pictures of Jacob this month.IMG_5847IMG_6042IMG_5606IMG_4664 IMG_5782

And because I love comparison pictures, here are Sarah and Jacob at their one year old photo shoots.Screen Shot 2012-07-01 at 8.43.06 PM IMG_1412 - fav

And just like that my baby is now a toddler. :(

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