Jacob is 11 months old

Jacob is 11 months old!IMG_1269 - favIMG_1273 - fav

Here are Jacob’s 11 months stats:

Clothing Size: 9-12 months

Diaper Size: size 4

Food: Formula and solids. Jacob is such a great eater! He will eat anything and everything we give him. The only thing he’s not a fan of is blueberries! So weird! IMG_1243Sleeping:  Jacob naps twice a day for 1 -2 hours. He’s also sleeping through the night.

Milestones: Jacob waves, stands while holding on with one hand, and has 4 teeth.

Jacob has also started army crawling! I was getting worried for a while, but doc says some babies just don’t crawl. He’s just one of those babies who is content just looking around.

Likes: Being outside! We’ve been pushing him around in his radio flyer and just loves it. He also LOVES riding in the back of daddy’s motorbike.IMG_4654IMG_4440Dislikes: Crawling. He rather just sit and play with what’s next to him.

Places we’ve seen/things we’ve done:

Holidays: Superbowl (post can be found here) and Valentine’s Day (post can be found here).IMG_4467fav -12666538_1066991726699876_901904840_nMy favorite pictures of Jacob this month.IMG_4473 IMG_4520 IMG_4546 IMG_4551 IMG_4591IMG_4658IMG_4781 IMG_4807 IMG_4812 And because I love comparison pictures, here is Sarah at 11 months old. IMG_1038

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