Jacob is 4!

Our baby boy is 4 years old!

He is sweet, kind, playful, but shy, loving and all around the a great kid!

He is quiet and rather just sit on my lap and people watch. He his happiest when his family is around. He likes to play on the ground with his toys, but after about 30 minutes he comes looking for you. He doesn’t want to bother or disappoint you (gets very embarrassed and shutdowns even if he thinks you might not be happy with him) he just wants to love on you and give you the best hugs and kisses possible. He is such a sweet love!

Jacob started preschool this year. He goes 3 times a week until 1 pm.

He also goes to gymnastics once a week. He’s small for his age, but he’s also strong.

For his birthday this year he asked for a “fire bunny birthday party”. So for his annual pictures, he got his wish!

But between being burnt out on birthday parties and the kids birthday so close together (they are 11 days apart) we opted for a birthday trip instead.

Don’t worry we still celebrated his birthday and got to blow out his candle several times, 5 times to be exact.

For school, J and I baked fire bunny cupcakes for his classmates.

Our sweet friends had us over for dinner one night and when she heard it was a few days away from Jacob’s birthday, she bought him a cake. Thank you Neda! That was so sweet and thoughtful!

At home, we celebrated with our traditional birthday breakfast, doughnuts.

On his birth day we went out to dinner where he picked to go to Chilli’s.

We concluded the celebration at Legoland with his final wish!

I like to “interview” the kiddos for their birthday. Here is what Jacob said.

Favorite color: Green

Favorite show: Paw Patrol and Super Wings

Favorite sweat treat: chocolate ice cream

Favorite vegetable: carrots

Favorite things to eat: mac & cheese and chocolate waffles

Favorite activity to do outside: scooter and play with Dawson

Favorite activity to do inside: Play with Lego and Cars figurines

Happy 4th birthday to our little man!

See past celebrations below.

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