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We are big Amazon fans in this house. From diapers delivered to my door to streaming movies on my TV, Amazon has it all. Here’s some of our current favorites.

Every night after the kiddos go to bed, I clean my kitchen counters and sink, but when it comes to the end of the day I can care less about my floors. Hubby suggested that maybe it was time for one one of those vacuum robots. We looked into the Roomba, but after reading a few reviews it looked like the Deebot was just as good for a THIRD of the price! We have had it for only a few weeks now, but I’m a huge fan!!

Sarah’s school has a few pick up spots so depending on the weather I change where I park. Since we have no interest in (ever…ha ha) getting her a phone we got her Kids Smart Watch Phone. We can call her, text her and track her location. It’s been really helpful!

I’m a big fan of wearing slippers! I have warmer slippers for the fall/winter and a an open toe for the spring/summer. These Women’s Memory Foam Open Toe Slide Slippers are super cute! The neutral grey and the super cute bow. Plus they are really comfortable!

My sweet hubby makes a hot breakfast for the kiddos almost every morning (mama doesn’t have time for that). He likes cooking eggs with butter so I got him this Good Grips Butter Dish. It works well! It has a non grip bottom and measurements right on the dish.

My parents got this UPS pullback truck for Jacob’s birthday and he is obsessed! It’s no surprise he’s a fan of the big brown truck since it normally drops off our Amazon packages.

Sarah has to ready every night for 20 minutes as part of her homework. She loves rainbows and fairies so it wasn’t a big surprise when she started reading Rainbow Magic: Fun Day Fairies books. So for her birthday I found a book called Sarah the Sunday Fairy. She was super excited!!

As you can see we order lot’s of random things from Amazon. Thanks to our Prime membership, shipping is free and best part, it comes to my door within 2 days! Glorious!

What are some of your Amazon Favorites? Share below.

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Amazon Favorites

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