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Harry Potter Birthday Party

Last year we had to cancel Sarah’s birthday party due to #Covid. This year even though we aren’t completely out of the Covid tiers we still wanted to celebrate the birthday girl. We threw her a little #HarryPotter backyard snack party.


Jacob is 4!

Our baby boy is 4 years old! He is sweet, kind, playful, but shy, loving and all around the a great kid! He is quiet and rather just sit on my lap and people watch. He his happiest when his family is around. He likes to play on the ground with his toys, but after …


Sarah is 8!

This past week, Sarah turned 8. Sarah is silly, smart, observant and inquisitive. Sarah loves playing outside and going on adventures. She’s very curious about the world, but only wants to be in small groups of friends. She still loves riding her bike, with smudgy glasses and muddy hands and shoes. However some days it …


Shopkins Birthday Party

We had no plans to throw Miss Sarah a 6th birthday party this year. After all a Disneyland vacation was her birthday “party”. But after we attended a few birthday parties from kids in our neighborhood, Sarah really wanted a party too. We compromised and organized a small neighborhood party with a few friends from …


Superheroes Birthday Party

Sarah and Jacob’s Superheroes Birthday Party The Theme Sarah starts talking about her birthday party theme the day after her birthday party. This girl loves birthday parties! Around the end of summer I start asking her for ideas. This year she said she wanted a PJ Masks theme. I liked where she was going, but …

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