Jacob is 2

My little man is 2 years old!

Jacob is super cuddly, loves to snuggle in bed, gives the best hugs, is a great eater, sleeps anywhere, loves his mama BIG time and says the sweetest I luh you (I love you) I have ever heard.

Jacob’s 2 year old stats:

Weight: 25 lbs (16%)

Height: 46 inches (51%)

Clothing Size: He still fits into 12-18 months clothing, but has recently started wearing 18-24 month clothes due to lengths.

Diaper Size: size 4

Food: Jacob loves milk! He will request milk in a sippy cup several times a day. He loves all type of foods, but will only eat 1-2 meals a day. He will sit at the table while you and just play. He is just not a 3 meals kind of guy.

Sleeping: Jacob naps once a day for 2-3 hours. He wakes up around 7:30 am. He falls alsleep most days in the car. And I just about melt every time I see those long lashed on his cheeks. Luckily Jacob can be transferred into his crib and even the stroller if we are not ready to go home. He even slept through two noisy days in Disneyland!

The only catch is he NEEDS to have his Aden + Anais bunny to fall sleep.

Milestones: Jacob uses his scooter like a pro. He is constantly trying to copy the big kids in the neighborhood.

For a minute there we were worried about his speech. However a few weeks ago he started saying a TON of words. Now he says new words everyday. Here are some of the funny ones.

Likes: He LOVES trains, trucks and cars. He plays with them, stacks them, rides on them and talks about them all day long.

We even had a “Choo Choo I’m Two” birthday party for him! 

He is very affectionate. He runs up to you at random and asks for a hug or kiss.

He always asks to hold my “and” (hand), even if it’s just a short distance.    

If something drops on the floor, he asks me for a wipe so he can “queen” (clean).

He loves tools! When daddy works on a project he always asks to help.He absolutely adore his big sister (unless she’s touched his choo choo and cars). 

Dislikes: He doesn’t like sitting in a highchair or even a booster. He wants to sit like us in a regular chair. Even at a restaurant.

Jacob doesn’t like bugs. If Sarah bring over a rolly polly or daddy shows him a lizard he hides.

Jacob doesn’t like when his hands are dirty. His sister however can’t keep her hands clean.

Jacob and I spend a lot of one on one time together while big sis, Sarah is at school. He’s my little shopping buddy and even comes to lunch dates with my friends.

We attend two weekly mommy and me programs. One is with our synagogue and the other is with our mommy group friends.  Here are some of our favorite pictures of Jacob at this age.  

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