Aladdin (2019)

When I was 10 years old a movie about a middle eastern princess came out. I was in awe! She had dark hair, a dark complexion and big almond shaped eyes. Finally a princess that looked like me! Growing up as an Israeli-American young girl I didn’t look like the other princess with their blond hair and blue eyes. Sure Belle had dark features, but she was still white. So when Aladdin came out and introduced us to Princess Jasmine I felt at home.

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Fast forward to Spring 2019 when my daughters drama club picked Aladdin as their play for the season, I was super excited. Sure my daughter doesn’t fit the Aladdin mold with her blond hair and green eyes, but she made a great street beggar. I was so proud of her! And I loved getting that feeling I got when I saw Aladdin for the first time.

Shortly after her play, Aladdin the live-action movie started coming out with their promos.

It looked a bit different, but both hubby and the kiddos were super excited for the movie to come to theaters. 24 hours after it was released we grabbed the kiddos and went out to the movies for family night out.

It was a beautiful movie! The music, Will Smith’s version of Genie, the colors, and even Jasmine’s new song, it was all really lovely!

However being that Aladdin was the only Disney film that looked like my people, I was disappointed with all the Indian influences. I have nothing against the Indian culture, but what happened to all the Middle Eastern clothing, the accents, and dancing? I just felt like the movie shifted a bit.

My favorite part of Aladdin 2019 vs 1992 was Jasmine’s role. Spoiler Alert: Instead of Jasmine looking for a husband she is now advising her father on what they should do and how the people of Agrabah should be treated. Additionally she becomes the first female Sultan AND then gets married to Aladdin. My kind of woman!

Thank you Aladdin for making this girl feel like a princess and thank you Alan Menken for giving Jasmine a voice. See Jasmine’s new song Speechless below.

Anybody else see the movie? What did you think?

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