Show & Tell Tuesday – Travelogues

I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

The theme this week is…Travelogues.

Which fits perfectly as I just got back from my sister’s baclorette trip in Mexico.

Day 1

I arrived late Thursday evening. I had a few gifts waiting in my room. The theme for the weekend was #NachoAverageBach.Day 2

We started our day with a visit to Starbucks. I tried their little cheese breads which remind me of Brazilian cheese bread. It was delicious!

While we waited for a few more people to arrive we walked around town. We spotted a market with some kosher food!

Ready for the day with out gear. Our event for the day was a boat trip out to sea.  After this picture is when things started to go bad. It was so windy my hat flew in the water! Luckily the guy had a super long pole and got it for me. It was so so windy. The waves were huge and the boat was rocky. I tried my best, but I just could not hold it together. My cousin and I remained on the side of the boat for the remainder of the trip.

We finally made it to a calm area where we can get out of the boat and snorkel. I wasn’t completely ready to go in, but was trying to make my way down when I slipped and fell into the water.

Now I have a huge black and blue bruise on my chest.

We ate lunch and hung out for a bit.

G even got to drive the boat. I hung out on the boat some more while my sisters got in the water. G had fun playing around on the ring float I got her! The way back wasn’t any better. I threw up my lunch and more. I really don’t think I can do small boats anymore. Ugh I was so sick!

For dinner, I made reservations at Diablito Cha Cha Cha.After dinner we went out to a club where I didn’t take a single picture :(

We ended the night with a little night swim back at the hotel. G found another fun float! Day 2

We started our day with some cheesy cousin pictures. Our plan for this day was to go to Tulum to see the ruins, swim in a fresh water cave and go to the beach. We stopped for an early lunch at an authentic taco cart with the yummiest salsa bar.  The Ruins were beautiful and so is my sisters squad. We got super lost after this picture, but thanks to Vanessa’s entry ticket we were able to go back to our tour guide.Next part of the trip was my favorite adventure, the Cenotes. We cooled off in the water and swam around looking at coral. We ended the trip with a visit to the beach and some more tacos.  Back at our hotel we back to the pool to watch the sun set.  We got all dressed up for dinner at Catch.Both dinner and dessert was amazing!!We ended the day with some traditional bachlorette fun in the room.

Day 3

Noting says vacation like breakfast in bed. After breakfast we walked over to the beach.   Soaking up my last few minutes before it’s time to go home.

Adios Mexico!

Cheers to you sis! Hope you had fun!!Special thanks to my hubby for holding down the fort. xo

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[…] to Mexico for my sister’s bachlorette! Fun […]

[…] to Mexico for my sister’s bachlorette! Fun […]

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