10 on 10 {May 2017}

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Documenting 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.
Here is a peek into our day!
The kids and I went to Disneyland the day before, so my day actually started (or ended) at 12:30 am when we finally got home. We all slept in until hubby woke us up for school. Thankfully he got lunch and breakfast taken care of while I tried to wake up.
After a much needed cup of coffee, hubby suggested he take Sarah to school.
I grabbed some bars and took Jacob to my bed. I was in no mood to adult.I picked up this beauty who showed me her loose tooth. This will be tooth #4!
I put Jacob down for a nap, Sarah did homework and I prepped dinner. I love crockpot meals on busy school days.After Jacob woke up we met up with Sarah at ballet. (Thanks for taking her Sara!)
After ballet I treated the kids to pistachio muffins while I got a grocery items. If you have a Sprouts near by, I highly recommend the muffins. 
We came back home played with the neighbors, ate dinner and got ready for bed.
Hope you had a nice 10th!
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