Disneyland {2017}

On Sarah’s birthday last year she asked us to go to Disneyland for her birthday. So this year on her 6th birthday we went to Anaheim for a little 3 day vacation.

Had this little sticker made here.

Day 1 – Hotel

Our family moves a bit slow in the mornings. So in order to get a full day at Disneyland we decided to add an extra day to our trip. This way we could have a an early start on Disneyland day. We checked into ALO Hotel by Ayres, got settled and headed to the pool.The kiddos loved spending the afternoon hanging out by the pool. We cleaned up and drove down the street to dinner at El Torito. We had fun playing with the bull crowns while we waited for dinner. Me and the birthday girl!

We headed back to the hotel and called it a night.

Day 2 – Disneyland

The day started with our family tradition of a doughnut, candle and a birthday song.

We got dressed and started our day. Our first ride of the day was the rocket ships in Fantasyland.

The rest of the day we went through the park stopping at whatever ride the kids wanted to do.    We stopped for lunch and then split up so Jacob could take a nap. I put my feet up and enjoyed the break. Jacob was on hour two of nap so we decided to meet up and explore some more. Snacking while brother is asleep. ;) Just as we were getting in line to ride the carousel, we bumped into our neighbors. How random!!    We hung out with our neighbor some more and did a couple rides. Jacob was not a fan. :( We took a break from rides and just walked around a bit. We came across the castle and had a little photo shoot with princess Sarah! We did a few more rides and then sat down for dinner and the electric light parade. It was such a fun and magical day!

As we are leaving, Jacob throws up all over him self and the stroller (which was borrowed from my friend). Eek!

Day 3 – CA Adventure

We started our day with a meet and greet with Mickey!Our first show of the day and probably our favorite was the Disney Jr Live show. It was super interactive and lot’s of fun!Then we did the unthinkable. We waited in a line for over an hour to meet Anna, Elsa and the crew. They took a lot of time with each guest and Sarah had a huge smile the whole time, but ugh what a long line. The next area was one our favorite lands, Bugs Land.

While Jacob napped hubby and I took turns riding rides with Sarah. Our other favorite area was the Cars Land. Jacob loves Mater and McKeen (McQueen) as does our whole family. I wish I had the camera on him when he woke up and realized he was in Radiator Springs. The pure excitement was too cute!As we were walking down the street all of a sudden DJ turned on and dancers started to appear. They called on the kids and sure enough miss Sarah joined the crowd. We walked around some more and stopped to take pictures with some of the cars from the movie. We went back to Bugs Land so that Jacob could go on some of the rides. Sarah was super excited about the first ride, Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train. This was the only ride she could sit next to her brother. The Little Mermaid ride was super cute. Brought back a lot of childhood memories. There were a few rides Jacob was too short to ride on. So hubby took advantage of ride share while J and I played and rode some rides.  Our last ride of the night was Radiator Springs Racers which had a THREE HOUR wait!!!

So crazy! Luckily we got to use a ride share pass and only waited 30 minutes each.

It was fast, a bit scary, but surprisingly Sarah loved it. Even though she doesn’t look like it in this picture. It was way past our bed time and we were ready to crash. A quick little one hour ride back and we were home in our beds. It was fun Disney, but phew I’m exhausted. Until next time.

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