Mother’s Day {2017}

Now that Sarah (and Jacob) go to school they make fun things like this for Mother’s day. Sarah’s class also invited the moms for a Mother’s Day fiesta.

We ate, danced and the kids sang us a sweet song. Love my girl!

Jacob made a hand print piece at mommy and me that Sarah made a few years earlier! For Mother’s Day I just wanted to go out to breakfast with my family and rest at home. We started the morning with some fun on Snapchat.Brunch was at Malibu Farm. 

Sarah was still in Wonder Women mode and Jacob didn’t want to take any pictures. #life The restaurant I chose is super trendy right now. With no reservations and a long line we played while waiting. Finally inside, this mama got a frose (frozen rose)!   Thanks to this guy (and the kiddos) for a wonderful day! See past posts below.

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