Traveling With Kids

With most of my family in the east coast, I travel with the kids often.

We even taken my oldest on an international flight!

After multiple flights, I’ve come up with a list of things to pack while traveling with kids.

Car seats/Strollers/Pack n’ Play: You are entitled to bring all three as a carry on for free. Just make sure to check them at the gate so they can tag them for you.

Coloring Books and Triangular Crayons: This tip comes from my friend Erin Y. She uses triangle crayons on the flights so there is less of a chance they roll away. Genius!Gel Clings: Kids love playing with this cheap toy. We use them on the windows and our tray. They provide a great way to use their imagination and are an easy clean up.

Toys: Through out the year, I buy small $1 Target bin toys and keep them hidden. They key word to remember is new toys. A new toy is more intriguing then a toy they played with yesterday. Things like little match box cars, games and little dolls are great toys to play with on your tray table. If they get lost or break it’s no biggie, since they were cheap to begin with.

Color Wonder Sets: I love these mess free coloring books. What makes them different from washable markers is that these markers only color on their specific pages. As an added bonus we use these masterpieces to give to whoever picks us up.Water Wow Activity Books: We love these books! We even have a few in the car. You fill up the reusable brush with water and start coloring. The kids loves seeing the “paint” dry.Imagine Ink Activity Books: Another mess free option are these awesome Imagine Ink sheets and books. It revels lot’s of colors while using a clear marker that will not visibly mark most other items Pre-loaded movies on your device: Only after coloring and playing for a while I bring out the iPad. Before our flight, hubby pre-loads a few movies at home. The kids pick a few and I throw in a surprise movie for them as well. Sometimes the kids use their airplane screens, but it can be tricky for little fingers and not user friendly.

Headphones: In order not to disrupt the other passengers my kids use headphones while using any electronic devices. Bring headphones for your kids. The ones they sell don’t work well with little ears.

Snacks: Yes you can buy snacks on the plane, but they are expensive and they don’t have a wide variety. Bring identical snacks for each kid and put them in their own bag (or in a large Ziplock bag). This way the kids don’t need to fight and can mange their own snacks.  Trash Bag: This sounds silly, but trust me this will come in handy. Bring a supermarket size bag for all your trash. Waiting for the flight attendants to pick up your trash can take a while. Plus there is nothing more gross when your kid hands you something gooey and you have no where to dispose it.

Wipes: Between snacks, boogers and just freshening up, baby wipes are super useful. We love these grab & go flip top packs wipes. Pillow and Blanket: If your kids still nap, bring an inflatable pillow and blanket (and their lovie). The flights can be chilly and uncomfortable so set up a napping location if you want them to nap well. I used to lug around a small pillow, but now I prefer to bring/hold less and use this inflatable pillow.

Happy flying!

Have anything to add? Please share below.

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