Show & Tell Tuesday – Home Tour


Our house is still not completely put together from our move last summer (it drives me crazy yet I keep putting it off), but thanks to my friend, Miri, it will be soon. Therefore I will not show you a full tour today, but instead I will show you my favorite room, Jacob’s Nursery.

A little background…It’s our tradition not to find out the gender or have the nursery set up before baby arrives. Between those things and moving a week before Jacob was born it was just crazy around here.

After Jacob was named I used his middle name as inspiration and came up with his AVIator themed room.

Come on in and take a peek into Jacob’s nursery.IMG_2437   I was trying to take a picture from the other side of the room, but couldn’t figure out how. I ended up getting a great angle from his camera.IMG_0513Bookshelf and bins – This is the only new piece of furniture we bought for his room. We had lots of closet space at our old place so we new we needed to find something that was multi functional and that fit this side of the wall.IMG_2409


I made this artwork on computer, framed it and hung it with navy ribbon.IMG_7424 - abc chartThe changing table – I bought this diaper storage caddy here. It’s perfect and holds all the essentials. I have diapers, a box of wipes, lotion, a teething toy, nursing night light, brush, scissors and a prayer card.IMG_2450IMG_2448To the right of the changing table is a pair of metal hooks. This was such a great find!! It’s a perfect place to hang his hats and other things.IMG_2435IMG_2434IMG_2433

On the left side is Jacob’s step stool. I love these stools! Both kids got one from their grandma. Right now Sarah uses it to check Jacob in his crib or play with Jacob while I change his diaper.IMG_0511Crib – I like things simple. I got the bumper from here and the sheets from here.IMG_0515IMG_0507I wanted to hang his name above the crib, but hubby is not a fan of hanging anything above a bed in earthquake territory. We compromised and bought this decal from here.IMG_2432IMG_2431To the left of the crib is my favorite spot in his room (and probably the house). I’ve rocked both of my babies for countless hours on this chair. This is also where hubby and I have read books to our kiddos.   

IMG_2427I got this crate that I’m using as a bookshelf from here. I love the distressed look! I could see this being used as a side table in the future. IMG_2425 IMG_2426Above the chair is the great picture my friend, Erin C found. I love the classic planes look.IMG_0502Dresser – Here I have his lamp, air purifier, monitor and white nose machine/night light (from here).IMG_2452   To complete the room I got this shaggy rug from here. IMG_0505

Thanks so much for stopping by!





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