3 to 6 Month Baby Favorites

With so many family members and friends asking me what some of my favorites items are for baby I thought I’d share my favorites here.

My 3 to 6 Month Baby Favorites:

SleepSack: Once baby graduates from the SwaddleMe Wraps I put them in the sleepsack. This is the stage where they figure out they have hands. They like to look and explore them which includes sucking on them. Additionally baby still get the signal that it’s bed time while staying warm. 3-6 MonthsLovie: Continuing with the amazing muslin swaddles we got this cute dog lovie for baby #2. It’s soft and breathable. Additionally if it gets lost it’s easy to replace (since it’s sold at many locations and online).  The perfect recipe for a lovie.3-6 Months Favorites: Lovie

Breathable Mesh Bumper: As soon as baby learns to roll over we put this in the crib. That way their limbs don’t get stuck and they don’t suffocate.3-6 Month Favorites: Mesh Bumper

Teethers: Both of my kiddos started teething really bad during this age. To help with the pain, get a couple of teethers in different shapes and sizes to ease the pain. There are a ton of teethers to choose from, but I like these.3-6 Months Favorites: Teether3-6 Month Favorites: Teething3-6 Month Favorites: TeethingBurp Cloths/Bibdana: Speaking of teething, babies drool a lot! I like having a couple of these throughout the house. When baby is outdoors I put him in a bib nicknamed bibdana.3-6 Month Favorites3-6 Month FavoritesNoseFrida: When babies teeth and/or get colds their nose gets really stuffy. After spraying a little saline in each nostril this gadget gets all the softened mucus out quickly and pain free. Warning: It might seem gross at first, but the difference between a baby that can breath through their nose and a baby the can’t is huge. 3-6 Month Favorites: Nose FridaBumbo: Once baby can hold their head up I put them in a Bumbo. I normally start feeding them oatmeal (rice has empty calories) in this chair.3-6 Month Favorites: BumboExersaucer: Once baby can hold their head up I put them in an exacauser. It’s an easy transition and doesn’t overwhelm the baby.3-6 Month Favorites: Exersaucer

Jumperoo: Once baby gets comfortable in the exersaucer I move them into a Jumperoo. This is a fun toy for babies to explore. They can press buttons, open flaps and jump around.3-6 Month Favorites: Jumperoo

High Chair: Once baby is eating solids this high chair is a must have. Not only does it have three reclining positions it also has seven height positions to fit various tables sizes. This way baby feels like they are joining you during meal times.3-6 Month Favorites: High Chair

So there you have it, my favorite items for babies 3-6 months old.

You can see my newborn to 3 months baby favorite post here.

Have anything to add? Please comment below.

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