It’s a…

Last Friday was my 19 week ultrasound, also known as the “Big Ultrasound”.

On our way to the appointment I kept praying for a smooth ultrasound. I was filled with so much emotion.

The idea that hubby and I have created this miracle inside my belly gets me very emotional. Maybe it’s the hormones talking or maybe it’s just my pregnancies, but I’m very nervous while pregnant (something I don’t normally feel when not pregnant).

Hubby and I sat in the waiting room while they called my name.

Thanks to my silly hubby I wasn’t so nervous anymore.

After a few minutes we got to see our baby on the screen.

IMG_3749(Our office does not allow any film or pictures during the actual ultrasound)

I’m happy to report it’s a…


….healthy baby!

We are so thankful and relived that everything looks good.

I bet you are wondering if the baby is a BOY or a GIRL?
That is a great question.
The answer is….

IMG_0121 - not finding out(Thanks Ally for the sweet gift!)

We didn’t find out!

I know, I know.
Much to all our family & friends dismay, we are those “annoying” people who wait until the baby is born.

We didn’t find out with the first pregnancy and the surprise was SO fun.
People thought we would for sure find out with this one because we already have a child, but no we are waiting!

Not only was that moment when hubby announced the gender so special, but it’s also a Jewish tradition we have decided to follow.

So once again we are not going to find out, but instead we will bring two outfits to the hospital as we did previously.

IMG_0434 - hospital outfits

Throughout my last pregnancy I thought I was having a boy until the month before I gave birth. I had a dream I was having  a girl!

This time around I don’t have a feeling either way and it’s hard to compare pregnancies when things are completely different. So we shall see on April 30th when he or she is born.

We truly don’t care if it’s a boy or girl.

We both come from a family with two sisters so having another girl would be great. Since the kids will only be a few weeks apart the girls will be able to share clothes.

Plus I know girls, I love girly stuff.

But on the other hand, I would love to experience a boy. It will be uncharted territory for both hubby and I, but it will be fun having another little man in the house.

Sarah wants a sister one day and then a brother the next day, so she too doesn’t have an opinion.

So until April it’s a guessing game.

What do YOU think I’ll have? Comment below.

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