10 on 10 {July 2015}

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For the past year I have been participating in a special “10 pictures on the 10th day of the month” blog post with other bloggers. Sure I don’t always get to take 10 pictures throughout the day, but that’s okay. I capture what I can. I think it’s a fun way to share my life through pictures.

 After I nursed this little guy, IMG_8431big sis, Sarah came over to show me the outfit she picked for the day. After telling her she did a great job I reminded her it was still summer. IMG_8426Hubby dropped her off while I ran errands. First stop, Target with this little cutie and some Starbucks. Thank you Target for the handy dandy cup holder!  IMG_8433Sweet, my new fav granola bar is on sale. If you haven’t tried this yummy goodness I highly recommend it. IMG_8434Jacob fell asleep so I took the opportunity to try on some clothes.  IMG_8435

Ugh no luck this time :(IMG_8440Time to pick up Sarah from camp. The view is gorgeous! I was running late so I couldn’t take a closer shot.  IMG_8442After camp we headed to Trader Joe’s for a couple of items for Shabbat, kosher chicken and challah. IMG_8447Miss Sarah made a stop at the samples counter. We didn’t sample this visit.IMG_8445 Back at home, I put the kids down for naps.IMG_8450Finally, I sat down to eat my first meal of the day. I made a quick salad with things I had in the fridge; lettuce, olives, chicken, avocado and quick mustard dressing.   IMG_8449After my last bite I checked in on Sarah who was making noise. Got you! IMG_8452I waited until she came down to hear what she had to say. I told her I had a lot to do so she needed to go back upstairs and have quiet time. IMG_8453Not to long after this cutie woke up and wanted to eat. IMG_8455I did a couple things around the house while Jacob played on his jungle mat.

Once Sarah came down it was time to check in on our garden. This gorgeous little strawberry was ready to be picked. Yum!IMG_8457With a crock pot all ready to go, I took the kids to a PJ Library event. IMG_8473It was a nice event, but I was pooped. We headed back home and sat down for Shabbat dinner with hubby.

Hope you had a nice 10th!

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