First Day of School Traditions

It’s been a few years since I shared our First Day of School. Between the pandemic and my kids growing up there hasn’t been much difference. However this year Sarah is in Middle school! So I thought I’d post an update.

First Day of School Traditions Top 3:


During the summer we have more flexibility with our schedule, so I make all my kids appointments in the summer. I start off by having them see their pediatrician for their annual visit (and any shots they might need). They also see the dentist and get a cleaning. Finally get summer haircuts. Between all the chlorine and hair dye though out the summer we chop it all off and start fresh for their first day back to school.


The night before school starts we celebrate by having a special dinner. Since my family favorite meal is breakfast we make a fancy brinner (breakfast for dinner) meal. I set up the table and put out some fun school themed props.

This time the menu was Stuffed Nutella French Toast Sticks, Egg Bites and Strawberry Smoothies.


Every year I take a photo of my kids by our front door. It’s my favorite tradition! Printable signs here.

What are some of your First Day of School Traditions? Please share below.

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