Great Wolf Lodge

We love water parks, so when I heard about Great Wolf Lodge I knew we had to check it out!

We have actually been twice now, but never got a chance to blog about it. Once in 2019.

And again in 2021. After checking in we each received our wolf ears.

We checked into our room and put on our suits. Great Wolf Lodge is very family friendly. They include a microwave, coffee maker and fridge in their rooms.

My kids got a kick out of the soap in the room. It’s a wolf paw!

To enter your room, pay for food and enter the water park just use your microchipped bracelet. I found it super convent as as I didn’t have to carry my wallet during our trip.

So excited to check out the water park!

The best part, there are slides for every age.

The wave pool was our family favorite!

They also have a splash area, a lagoon and a baby area. We had fun getting splashed in the splash area!

For lunch we checked out the restaurant inside the water park called, Buckets. They had great lunch options and not just sw your standard burgers and hot dogs. I got a whole wheat turkey sandwich with guacamole, tomato, cucumber and lettuce. Get the ice cream bucket to share! It has lot’s of goodies and now you have a souvenir bucket to take home!

After lunch we headed outside. They have an additional pool with fun activities and a bar.

Later that afternoon Jacob needed some downtime. I love that while my husband and my daughter were riding the bigger slides I could be steps away inside with Jacob doing art.

While we waited to be seated for dinner we joined the dance party in the lounge.

After dinner we headed to Ten Paw Alley to play a few rounds of bowling.

Before bedtime we walked updaters to hear a bedtime story.

The next morning we woke up to another day in the park. But first we headed to the breakfast buffet at Loose Moose. This is an add on, but I highly suggest it for families.

Look who stopped by!

We went back to our room packed it up and dropped off our things in the car. Back at the water park for more water fun! Tip: With a room at the hotel you can still enjoy the water park on the day you checkout.

Thank you Great Wolf Lodge for the wonderful memories! We had so much fun!

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