First Day of School {2013}

Today was Sarah’s fist day of “school”. The program we chose to enroll her in is actually a parent participation preschool program, but we call it school. It’s very similar to the Older Toddler class we attended last year.

The class we are enrolled in this year is called, Toddler Two’s. Our class is held twice a week. One day I attend with Sarah and the next day I get to drop her off. I’m nervous and excited about the potential time I have alone. My friend Liza (also has the same day “off”) and I have had many ideas of the endless possibilities we could be doing on our morning “off”.

After buying Sarah some school clothes, dusting off the backpack she used last year and planning a celebratory breakfast, we were all ready to go!

However last night was rough. Sarah woke up at 4 am, 6 am and then finally at 6:30 am I brought her into our bed. She slept with us only for a few minutes. Then my lovely hubby took her out to the living room so I could get some rest.

Dragging myself to the kitchen, I started making Sarah her celebratory breakfast. My plan was to make Daniel Tiger pancakes, but with little sleep and little patience I came up with this mess.

daniel tiger pancakesAs soon as I set the plate in front of Sarah, she knew exactly what it was.


After breakfast, we quickly got dressed and began our annual first day of school photo shoot! Here are some of my favorites.


IMG_9885IMG_9881Getting her to smile and stand still was quite the task! I would have loved a nice, blurry free picture, but I’m working with 2.5 year old so this is what I got.

Even though we had a rough night, our morning was really nice! Sarah got to meet the class pet, Bun Bun the bunny. We played with trucks, worked on our fine motor skills, danced to new songs and made new friends. Sarah became really fond of a tiara she found in dress up corner. She wouldn’t take it off and wore it all morning.


IMG_9902 IMG_9903Looking forward to all of the adventures the school year will bring.

And because everyone loves a comparison picture, here is Sarah on her first day of school this year and last year.picstitchI can’t believe what a difference a year makes! She looks SO MUCH OLDER!

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Michal ema Benson

Good luck in school Sarah! I am sure you are going to have lots of fun. Can’t wait to hear about it. Savta love you so much!

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