First Day of School {2017}

Now that summer is over we are in school mode around here.

A few weeks ago Sarah started her first day of 1st grade!

We took our traditional first day of school photos.

The night before school we had everything set up and ready to go.

Sarah got a new backpack and lunch box from here and Jacob is using his backpack set he received from Aunt Pam.It turns out her friend, Maya has the same backpack!

I took the kids one day after nap for a little back to school clothing trip at Target. Sarah picked out this shirt and these shorts.

Jacob got this shirt and these shorts.












A few weeks later, Jacob started his first day of Toddler Two’s! Big sis wanted to join the photo shoot.Following in big sister, Sarah’s footsteps I will be dropping Jacob off one day and attending school with him the other day.

Between the photo shoot and first day of school madness I forgot my bag, wallet and our waters on the counter, so we made a quick stop at Starbucks (thank you Starbucks app!) and picked up some water (and coffee of course) on our way in.2013 vs 2017

Hoping Sarah has a successful and educational year in school while I hope Jacob learns that mama comes back and it’s going to be ok.

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