10 on 10 {August 2016}

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
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Today is a special day in our home. Today is hubby’s birthday!
We started the morning with a birthday doughnut and a candle (our family tradition).IMG_0765
After dropping Sarah off at school, Jacob and I sat down for breakfast. I’m doing the whole30 plan so I had 2 scrambled eggs with zucchini and coffee with almond milk.IMG_0768
J and I played for a bit while hubby finished up some work calls.IMG_0773
The three of us headed out to the valley to stalk up on some kosher food. We go every couple of weeks.
While in the car hubby and I noticed it was the first time we went on a an outing just the 3 of us!
Traffic was horrible and it was only 10:45am!IMG_0782
Hubby wears a kippa every Friday night during Shabbat dinner. Jacob has been grabbing at his kippa and insisting he wears one too. So while we were in the store we spotted some smaller kippas for him. He was so excited!IMG_0792
We left with our goodies and a few borekas for lunch. I need to blog about these!IMG_0794
J fell asleep in the car. Luckily I was able to transfer him to his crib.IMG_0798
I told Sarah’s teacher that I can’t come into the class and volunteer often so I suggested I could things at home. So during nap time I worked on Sarah’s class directory.IMG_0808
After I picked up Sarah from school we hung out inside and did a puzzle on the floor.IMG_0810
Before heading out to play we made a afternoon snack of pineapple and banana smoothies.IMG_0812We played outside until dinner was done. 

IMG_0815Hubby BBQ some yummy burgers. I opted to eat mine Israeli style. Yum!IMG_0817

After dinner we sang happy birthday and called it a night.IMG_0820
And just like that our August 10th had come to an end.
Hope you had a nice 10th! 
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