10 on 10 {April 2015}

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For the past year I have been participating in a special “10 pictures on the 10th day of the month” blog post with other bloggers. Sure I don’t always get to take 10 pictures throughout the day, but that’s ok. I capture what I can. I just think it’s fun to share my life with you through pictures.

Check out last months post here.

This 10th was an interesting day. I gave birth (more on that later) on the 6th and didn’t leave until the 8th. So the 10th was a very busy day.

While hubby and I went to his appointment my mom took Sarah to an indoor play place. She sent me this picture of Sarah.IMG_6519

My little man lounging in his Snugabunny (thanks Cait for letting us borrow it).IMG_6524Later that day we took our first walk around the neighborhood. IMG_6530This day also marked the first Shabbat we spent as a family of 4. Hubby got to read the special prayer for boys.IMG_6534

While I got ready for bed I starred at our baby boy in awe. I am so blessed to have been able to give birth to 2 kids in my life. IMG_6536I am so thankful!

Last but not least is a picture of my favorite spot in our home. Not only did I have a baby 4 days ago, but we also moved to our new home 2 weeks before. Needless to say our place is a mess. Therefore this spot is my special spot. It’s a place just for me. It’s also the spot where I nurse my son. IMG_6537Hope you had a nice 10th!

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