Taste Of Universal

This year for Sarah’s birthday we decided to get less gifts that take up space in her room and shift to experiences.

So for Sarah’s 10th birthday we gifted her tickets to attend Taste Of Universal. And since I am stay home mama, brother Jacob came too.

The main reason we chose Universal Studios is for Harry Potter land. Sarah read the series and watched the movies during covid. She loves the movies so much we had a little Harry Potter theme birthday drive by last week.

As soon as we entered the park we ran to Harry Potter land or Hogsmeade.

We started the food festival at Three Broomsticks for lunch. Sarah and Jacob had fish and chips, I had shepherds pie and we shared a couple Butterbeers. We tried it two ways, one hot and one frozen.

Next up was Honeydukes the candy shop. It was really cool even if you are not a HP fan.

Sarah got to use her birthday money and make her very own custom wand at Ollivanders.

She got to put it to use with the interactive displays throughout the park.

So fun! But it was time to check out the rest of Universal Studios!

Next up was Springfeld, The Simpsons land.

Here we ate hot dogs, a hot pretzel and filled up our water bottles. We also walked around a bit checking out the area.

Next we wend to the lower level. We rode the steep escalator and checked out the scenery.

Then we found out some rides were open and hopped on the ride, Transformers. Whoa! That was intense!

We walked back up stairs to Minions Land. Our family loves the Minions movies so we were really excited to play in Super Silly Fun Land. We felt like we were in the movie!

Sarah rode the Silly Swirly Fun Ride while this mama put her feet up. Ahh!

It was time for a snack! We got a minion pudding and drinks. So good!

We walked around some more. I really felt like I was in the movie set!

Next we stumbled upon the Secret Life of Pets ride. So so cute!

We sat in what looked like cardboard boxes. So cute!

We decided to go back to Simpson Land for an early dinner. We got a burger, chicken thumbs, a Slurpee and a ginormous doughnut the size of Sarah’s face!

Tip: the doughnut is too big for one person, share it or bring a bag to take it home with you. Thanks to another mommy blogger for that tip.

We had a few more stamps left on our card we headed back to Harry Potter land for another frozen Butterbeer.

We played around a bit with the wands and then noticed the Flight of the Hippogriff ride was open. Sarah rode it alone since Jacob was too scared to ride this one.

We felt completely safe at the Taste of Universal event. Between the 6 feet apart stickers everywhere and the separated walking areas we felt super comfortable.

Such a great adventure with my kiddos!

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