Disneyland with friends {2017}

When we bought our 3 day pass for Sarah’s birthday at Disneyland we purposely didn’t use them all at one time. That way we could do two days as a family and one day with friends. These guys are season pass holders so they had a few shortcuts. For example, they don’t normally ride the tram, but since my kids enjoyed it last time, we did. Yay!! Excited to go in!


Jacob and Flora, such cuties!First ride of the day, It’s a Small World (Jacob and I missed this ride last time so we were eager to try it)

  Next up was the carousel.


Throughout the day, all the big kids wanted to hold Jacob’s hand. We have such sweet friends!  Jacob napped while the big kids rode some big kid rides.

During lunch time, Sarah lost her 4th tooth!!

Next up was I think everyone’s favorite, Astro Blasters.

We tried taking a picture of the kids, but J didn’t want anything to do with it. Luckily those that wanted to smile came out cute!Another favorite ride was Autotopia. Flynn was an awesome driver! Love these kiddos!

Another thing my season pass friends do or not do is watch the parade. We were in line for a ride when the parade passed by.  And just like that we ended our trip to Disneyland with friends with this blurry picture.

7 kids, 12 hours and 10 miles later I was pooped. Bravo to all you pass holders, but this mama wont be back for another couple years.

PS Thank you to mama friends for showing us newbies the ropes. Fun times!

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