Universal Studios

After attending Taste of Universal in 2021 we decided to get Universal Studios annual passes.

We love our pass and have been to Universal over a dozen times! We have so much fun when we go, we even have our very own special system. Check out our route.

Lower Lot

We like starting the day at the Lower lot. Here we ride Transformers, Mummy and Jurassic World.

Near the Jurassic World ride is a play structure for the kiddos. My kids love hanging there while we wait for our food from the Jurassic Cafe.

Tip: grab an alcoholic drink or make it a mocktail at Isla Nu-Bar.

There is also a great show where they bring different dinosaurs for a show and photo op.

Then we head even lower to Super Nintendo World.

Here we ride Bowsers Castle, play games with our band (sold separately) and eat at Toadstool’s Cafe.

Make your Toadstool’s Cafe reservation here.

Middle Level

Then we go back up the escalators to the Simpsons ride and the Tram Tour.

At the end of the Simpson Ride check your photo for a fun souvenir!

Tram Ride Tip: Grab a snack before the tram and eat while riding. Also sit in the 2nd or 3rd tram for the best seats!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Here we ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and Flight of the Hippogriff.

This is where you can buy the famous Butterbeer! You can get it cold, hot or frozen. Frozen is our favorite!

We also hang out here and play around with our interactive wands (sold separately).

Tip: After you’ve filled out the letter and put a desired recipient along with your official Hogsmeade stamps (inside store), take the letter or postcard and place it inside the wood cabinet that says, “Post” and drop inside the slot. From there, let the owls do their work and fly it to the proper person.

We also stop here for lunch/dinner at Three Broomsticks. My favorite is the sherds pie!

We also like to go into Honeydukes for fun desserts.

Finally we check out the Spirting Show of Support and stay after for a photo with the actors.

Upper Lot

Minions and The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash.

The minion ride seats 5 and transforms you into a minion! Make sure to stop by after the ride and join the dance party!

After the ride we get the Felonious Float. It has raspberry icee, a scoop of banana ice cream, whipped cream and banana shaped candy. Yum!

Also in the Super Silly Fun Land is a ride called Silly Swirly Fun Ride. This ride is great for all ages!

The Secret Life of Pets ride is a family friendly ride that seats 2. When the park gets busy go on the app and secure your spot on the virtual line. That way you can just show up for your reservation and avoid a part of the line.

Tip: Grab a Hand Crafted Ice Pops in the Minion gift shop. We love this mid day snack and the flavors are amazing!


There are 3 shows in Universal Studios: Animal Actors, Waterworld and Special Effects Show.

Tip: Bring cash and sit in the middle for a game they play with the audience.

Updated: Animal Actors and Special Effects Show is now closed.

Tip: Sit in the wet zones for an extra fun time!

Photo Spots

The neon Hollywood sign is outside by the Frankenstein Parking Lot.

The Globe is in the entrance/exit. Grab a picture both during the day and at night.

The red carpet and Universal Studious sign is a favorite! My kids also enjoy running the red carpet after security.

Season Pass Tips

If you have a season pass I recommend getting a lanyard. They have fun options in all of the shops, but if you’d like to get one beforehand check out this link here. Also grabbing a wand holder is a good idea. That way you can leave the box at home and take out the wand when necessary. Wand link can be found here.

Hotel Suggestions

For walking distance to Universal check out the Hilton or Sherton Hotel. If you don’t mind driving a bit check out the Garland Hotel.

Thanks for checking out our route! Have fun!

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