Sarah is 5!

Sarah turns 5!

Her birthday started with our traditional doughnut and candle in bed.Then I took her to the Mall for some one on one time with my girly. A few months prior we heard that if you come to the Disney store on your birthday you get a pin AND get your name on the screen. She had so much fun! Next year I promised her we would go to Disney on her birthday.

Later in the day we went out for her birthday dinner. Just like previous years Sarah asked to go to sushi for dinner.

A few days before hubby, Jacob and I went to read a book and celebrate her birthday at school. We were asked not to bring anything sweet so I made banana muffins for the kids. We also celebrated her birthday with a Superheroes birthday party at the park.See more party pictures here.

I decided to start a new tradition and ask Sarah for a few of her favorite things. Here is what she said.

Favorite color: Rainbow

Favorite movie: Minion and Frozen

Favorite sweat treat: Popsicle and ice cream

Favorite food: Mac & cheese cups (the other ones take to long to make)

Favorite vegetable: cucumbers

Favorite fruit: raspberries and blueberries

Favorite thing to do outside: go on the tree swing

Favorite to do inside: play with figurines

Happy 5th birthday my sweet love!

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[…] day started with our family tradition of a doughnut, candle and a birthday […]

[…] Sarah is 5! […]

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