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I really enjoy looking back at “On This Day” in my Facebook app. However it doesn’t show a full day. So I picked a random day in May on the calendar and set a reminder. And then I forgot to blog about it. So let’s pretend it’s May. Welcome to my Thursday!

My alarm woke me up at 7:45 am. I’m not a morning person so I don’t wake up until I have to.

Hubby makes the kiddos breakfast while I make their lunch. I try to pack their lunch the night before so I only have to grab the cold things in the morning.

Hi, my name is Sharon and I drink a lot of water! 50% because it’s good for me and 50% because I love the way it tastes (ya, I know that doesn’t make any sense). I filled up my first tumbler before heading out.

It was a cold morning! 52 degrees!

After I dropped off Sarah, I listened to a podcast. On this morning I listened to LA Chicks.

Back home I unloaded the dishwasher, snuggled with J, made breakfast in a mug and got dressed for the day.

At 10am we left the house for Jacob’s weekly gymnastics class.

After class we did some errands.

Back home for lunch and tumbler #2.

We had a play date that afternoon so I brought out some snacks. How cute are these pineapple goldfish?

Our friends left and I went to pick up Sarah. I refilled tumbler #3.

Back home, Sarah did homework, Jacob played and I worked on a kitchen project.


We headed out for the evening to celebrate Lag BaOmer at our synagogue. I had grilled chicken, Israeli salad and cabbage salad. Yum!

The firefighters brought their truck so the kids took turns going inside and taking pictures.

We came home started showers and then I went over to my friends house to guest co-host an episode of LA Chicks! Eek, I was so nervous!

I got to snuggle with her kitty while we chatted about all things LA. See our episode here.

Back home and ready for bed. I filled up tumbler #7? I tried to keep track how many times I filled up, but I failed somewhere after #3.

I picked up a bit, made lunches, and started the dishwasher.

I ended the night with a shower and tv with the hubby.

Happy Thursday!

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