My Birthday {2016}

I recently cerebrated my 35th birthday and it was fabulous!

My birthday celebration started a few days prior with my girlfriends at dinner.After dinner we headed to our town trolley for some festive holiday fun. What’s a December birthday without holiday lights?   It was cute, but got cut short. Unfortunately the website didn’t specify the last call time so we went to Cheesecake Factory for some dessert.The girls got me the cutest gifts! Such a fun night! Thanks girls!!!

The following day hubby and I went to dinner with our friends, Sara and Jeff. During the week, my sweet friend Miri took me (and Jacob) out to breakfast. She is the best!! I love her! The day of my birthday I woke up to a lovely doughnut and a candle from my sweet family.Then I took my little man out for breakfast at Starbucks. My friend sent me a text saying she was at the mall and wanted to meet up for lunch so Jacob and I killed some time at Barnes & Noble. I love watching him play with trains. He gets so focused and says the cutest “chooo choo”.

Then another friend said she has to go to the mall so she and her mom joined us for lunch too. Unfortunately Jacob fell asleep in the car on the way there. Thanks to a little birthday magic he transferred to the stroller AND stayed asleep for an hour! 

Thank you Stacee and Jen for the impromptu lunch! I picked up Sarah and got home for a play date with our friends, Caden and Lydia. My sweet friend Erin brought cupcakes and macaroons!

Thank you Erin for the sweet treats!!! Instead of going out for dinner hubby cooked for us. He made mustard garlic salmon, wild rice and sauteed green beans with soy sauce.  We ended the night with a little cake, self timer and lots of snuggles. Thank you for all the love and wishes!

Here is to an amazing year of good health, lots of love and joy!!

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