My Birthday {2014}

This year I celebrated my 33rd birthday with some of my favorite people.

I am so blessed to have a loving family and a fabulous group of friends!

 The festivities started with my friend Erin C (who takes our annual family pictures) at a local café. She wasn’t able to attend my birthday celebration so instead she took me out for some yummy desert.

IMG_3722 - erin cThanks for the fun outing, Erin! xo

 Since I had so much fun celebrating my birthday at the country line-dancing club last year I decided I wanted to celebrate my birthday there again this year.


I didn’t grow up listening to country music, but I am a huge fan now. Instead of a sit down dinner, I prefer a venue where people can roam around, dance, eat or just people watch. It’s a great place for all types of personalities.

 The following day my friend, Erin Y and I went on a Holiday Homes Tour. To protect each home we were asked to wear booties before entering.

IMG_3808 - home tours

We had a great time! We got to catch up and spend some quality time together.

 My birthday morning started off really nice. Hubby and Sarah brought me breakfast in bed and homemade cards. It was so thoughtful of them.


Hubby took Sarah to school while I got ready for brunch with my friends, Liza and Jessica. I’m not one to pick sweet foods at a restaurant, but I was really in the mood for French toast. So happy I ordered a this. It was delicious!


After brunch I headed to my happy place, Target. With a cup of coffee in my hand I browsed around until it was time to pick up Sarah from school.

It was such a lovely morning!

Later that night we headed out to dinner.


Before heading out a waitress came over to Sarah with a box of toys. Naturally, Sarah picked a headband that lights up. Best part was she thought they were reindeer antlers.

IMG_3856 Love my silly Sarah!

I had such a wonderful day! I am so blessed to have been surrounded by so much love. Thank you to those near and far for making my 33rd birthday so special. Lot’s of love!!

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